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PMO Energy's Virtual PMOs can help with:
  • Improve the rate of project success
  • Standardize and maintain a project management methodology and software tools
  • Monitor project progress
  • Execute project portfolio management processes
  • Measure the value of the projects and project management

  • PMO Energy can help you gain the value of a PMO by utilizing our expert staff on a full-time or part-time basis. You benefit from expert PMO consultants while your team focuses on the critical projects to meet your business needs. PMO Energy can help you establish and maintain your PMO infrastructure with our world class products and services.
  • With our experience and expertise, PMO Energy will run the PMO. We will work with you to enhance your capabilities in project management and portfolio management. We will work with you to determine the services you desire, and the frequency of these. The types of services can include introducing project management processes, providing training, conducting coaching sessions, performing project status reporting and consolidation, conducting project audits, preparing for project management certification, executing a portfolio management process, and measuring the value of the PMO.
  • If you have not yet established a PMO, PMO Energy, Inc. can help you understand how to best define and utilize a PMO within your organization. We can then execute your PMO services based on this plan.