Support From Initiation to Close

Project Initiation
  • Ensure the project Intake process is adequate
  • Review and revise the Project Charter
  • Assist Project Managers in developing the project scope, brainstorming, and project mapping
  • Support Project Manager in presenting new project vision statements to executive project review board for review and approval
  • Coordinate the development of additional information for approval, if required
Project Planning
  • Review , Revise Project Planning Artifacts
  • Assist Project Managers in developing a project Risk Analysis and other necessary Project Plans using brainstorming and project mapping
  • Assist Project Managers in creating detailed plans, including Work Packages, Stages, Tasks, Milestones, Duration Estimates, Dependencies, and Resource Assignments
  • Support the Project Manager in preparing to presenting new project risk analysis and budget and other plans to management for review and approval
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  • Ensure the necessary tools are being optimally utilized for the Project Managers can maintain/update their plans
  • Facilitate weekly meetings to review the active project status reports and change requests for current projects
Monitor and Control
  • Monitor the status reporting function to ensure adherence to project management procedures and timely/accurate completion
  • Collect and Verify actual information about tasks, such as percentage of the work is complete, actual start, actual finish, actual cost
  • Compare actual progress with Baseline plan and provide recommendations
Project Close
  • Ensure that project evaluations and lessons learned documents are submitted to PMO for each completed project
  • Create new Microsoft Project templates from completed projects, if they are repeatable and appropriate
  • Ensure all the project documentation is archived in a secure, central accessible location
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