People - Processes - Systems

"Our mission is to help you leverage people, processes, and systems to deliver the right projects, on time, in budget, with a complete scope, meeting quality expectations, managing project risks without burning out your resources. Cost effectively!

We can offer all or a combination of these on site or through our Virtual PMO

Top 10 Critical Success Factors to reach the next level of Project Management

  1. Results focused People, Processes and Systems
  2. Streamlined tools and processes working together- Keep it simple
  3. Configuration / Customization of SharePoint , Project Server, and Microsoft Project specific to the organization’s environment
  4. Leverage templates throughout the project Life Cycle for consistency, relevancy, efficiency and data integrity
  5. Senior management support behind the initiative, utilizing the right tools for efficient Project reporting and analysis
  6. Roles Based Training in Project, Program and Portfolio Management, SharePoint, Microsoft Project and Project Server to drive use and adoption
  7. PMO tools support (e.g. Project Server and SharePoint Administrator)
  8. Process Champions are in order to maintain and support the Project Management processes and tools being implemented
  9. A Crawl-Walk-Run approach to solution rollout, which will foster use and adoption of the processes and tools (not trying to do too much too soon)
  10. Check points to ensure all projects are built  correctly to avoid GIGO ( Garbage In Garbage Out)
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